What’s a Whimsy?

Merriam Webster describes it as a fanciful or fantastic device, object or creation. To me, whimsies are a little magical – objects that evoke warm memories and bring a smile to your face.

Ghosts in the Antique Store

Paranormal Investigator Mary Ann Winkowski visits South Hills Antique Store to speak to the ghosts. Every antique shop has its ghosts. Any I’ve met are welcome to stay. The spirits here are good ones!

Is Vintage Jewelry Valuable?

The monetary value of Vintage jewelry is all over the place. What appears to be a diamond studded bracelet could be worthless, yet that simple chain can be worth thousands. If you’ve ever purchased incredible looking vintage jewelry at a garage sale, you probably know that feeling of excitement wondering what it is worth.

First Nations Collectibles

The colorful artistry in First Nations beadwork reflects the beauty of our natural world. Intricate floral patterns, geometric designs and, less frequently, animal forms and symbols.