The Appeal of Flow Blue and Transferware China

Most people can appreciate the beauty of blue and white china. Most notably people favour the charm of flow blue and transferware pieces. This china (sometimes ironstone but more commonly semi-porcelain) is found in a vast variety of patterns – florals, landscapes, Asians designs and motifs and pastoral scenes. 

Antique flow blue and transferware on shelfWhat makes the flow blue china appealing is the soft, hazy appearance of the pattern lines as they blend into the white background. Originally, the blurring of the cobalt oxide is believed to have been a mistake which was later re-created intentionally to supply a growing market. Most flow blue was produced between 1820 and 1915.

Flow blue and transferware display beautifully in a cabinet or on a wall. Rarely will you find a full set of this china.  More commonly, you’ll find odd pieces, usually plates, bowls and platters. Less often you’ll find serving pieces.  Condition and rarity will determine value and the serious collectors will be seeking out particular makers and patterns.

Here are a few of the antique flow blue and transferware pieces we have in the shop.

Collecting Flow Blue

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