The Spirit of Antiques

Antique stores have always held a particular magic for me. The smell, the memories, the slumbering spirits and the stories. I like dust and rust and yellowing lace. Just close the door and leave the world behind for awhile. Don’t bring it in with you.

Antique Mannequin in Fur StoleDon’t Disturb the Ghosts

If you’re looking for perfect or you want cheap, mass produced goods from foreign countries, then you’re in the wrong spot. If you have a love for old things and the patience to just relax and be among them, then their spirits will reach out and touch you. From well-loved toys to colourful advertising and primitives that speak of the years of use and work that molded them – they all have their stories. You don’t find antiques – they find you.

If you want to meander through the shop and drift back in your memories, then that’s just fine. If you want to lean against the counter and chat for awhile, I’m your huckleberry. That’s good too.

Alberta Beach Antique Collectible Shop

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