The Story of Primitives

Primitives take us back to a time when life was tough but simple – everything was closer to nature. Usually hand crafted, primitives show signs of continual use and wear – the buttery feel of well-used wood handles, darkened tin, faded fabrics.  Almost always utilitarian in nature and often homemade.  Money was short and there were no easily accessible hardware and department stores to run to. The story of the day was, “Make do.”

Primitive furniture was functional and well-used.  Primarily kitchen cabinets, pie chests, jam cupboards, stools, benches and chests.  The pieces were usually hand-crafted and are always best when found in their original surface. Finishes may be alligatored, worn, chippy – it all adds to the character of the piece and it’s the character that makes it desirable.  Oh, the stories they could tell.

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