What’s a Whimsy?

Merriam Webster describes it as a fanciful or fantastic device, object or creation. To me, whimsies are a little magical – objects that evoke warm memories and bring a smile to your face.

Ever After Whimsy figures

They’re not highly valuable. Some of the modern minimalists regard them as mere clutter. But there’s a percentage of us that get it. We’re more concerned with things that make us feel good than with things that are merely disposable or easy to clean.

whimsy assortment

Many whimsies are simply decorative and have no particular purpose. They’re usually colourful with a touch of fantasy or they’re anthropomorphic in nature (animals depicted as humans).

Sometimes utilitarian items can also be whimsical depending on their subject matter. Most commonly these can include vintage cookie jars, salt and pepper shakers, vases and trinket boxes. Most are made in Japan, usually from the 50’s to 70’s.

whimsical ashtrayIf you have a retro kitchen, perhaps a chrome and arborite table with matching chairs, maybe pink or aqua appliances – then you need a little whimsy to finish off the look.

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